Dego and Kaidi

Dego and Kaidi

It's fair to say that the legacy of Dego's musical output can be heard in just about every genre in the contemporary music spectrum, from hardcore and hip hop to drum n bass, house and techno. Through the legengary Reinforced Records he helped shape the sound of modern British Dance music, introducing the world to the likes of Goldie, Seiji and of course with his very own 4 Hero project (which he ran alongside Marc Mac). Constantly reinventing himself, pushing new sounds and styles he was an integeral part in the creation and evolution of Broken Beat. From the early beginings of the legendary Co-Op club night right through to present day with his 2000Black label, the styles and sounds he helped create continue to thrive and inspire dancefloors worldwide. Kaidi Tatham is the highly skilled keys player (and multi instrumentalist) that lent his hand to many of those legendary productions, recording with Bugz In The Attic, Domu and IG Culture not to mention his own releases and productions under not only his own name but a slew of monkiers and guises.

Releases from Dego and Kaidi

Dego and Kaidi


Released on July, 2015

After a recent excursion on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label these two pioneering legends of UK music return to Eglo Records for another heavyweight jaunt through broken house and boogie. Ep opener Black Is Key has already been making noise throughout the underground and the rest are set to do the same, another stone cold classic! Artwork by Sassy J.

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Dego and Kaidi

Dego and Kaidi EP

Released on March, 2014

Fresh slab of broken beat bullets by two legendary pioneers of UK music, cut to vinyl, mastered by Matt Colton.

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