Final Plastic People

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Over the past 8 years or so we have had, along with Theo Parrish, the honour of playing the monthly residencies at a small basement club in Shoreditch, London with an impeccable sound system. After 20 years of operation, it was time to move on and close the doors on a place that has a lot to answer for in shaping modern club culture. To say this space along with the owner Ade’s singular vision was fundamental in our personal musical formation would be a complete understatement.

On the day of their closing, manager Charlotte asked us if we’d put the system through its paces for the last time that the club would be open to the public. We set about packing the anthems from our respective residencies and on the night once the people were through the doors played 2 records in turn for the rest of the dance. We included tracks of our own and of friends that were made with that place in mind. Records like Daphni – Ye Ye and Four Tet – Pinnacles were made to first be played at Kieran’s nights there, and the Floating Points – Vacuum EP was born out of the CD-R night at the club, and its launch party was the trigger for Sam’s monthly residency.

We set this recording up just before the start of the night and unfortunately it distorts in places, but we make no apology for how joyfully noisy people get! The vibe in the room this night was typical of the club on any given night and we hope this recording captures just a fraction of the spirit of a Plastic People night.

A massive thank you from us to everyone that has come down to the nights over the years and supported our music there. We are truly humbled to have shared the music we love with people at this place, and your energy in turn has influenced the way we make music on an unfathomable scale. We also thank the bosses Charlotte Kepel and Ade Fakile for inviting us to the club and having faith in us over  these years! All the best for the future!

See you in the dance,

Much Love

Sam & Kieran


Floating Points Summer 2014 in Brazil Mix

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Continuing last years Summer13at45 mix from FP, heres a selection he’s made of some great Brazilian cuts.
Thanks to everyone for their support so far this year & have a great summer.
Love everyone at Eglo!

Music from Luis gonzaga Jr, Hareton Salvanini, Pedro Santos, Rogerio Duprat, Tim Mia, Gal Costa, Celia, Evinha, G/9 Group, Luis Carlos Vinhas & others

Stream or ‘right click/save as’

Kirkis ‘Liverbleach’ Coming 2014

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eglo Records are proud to announce our latest signing, the incredibly talented and equally surreal Kirkis. The Melbourne based musician will be dropping his album Liverbleach in early 2014, introduced via 7 inch single Worm Jelly/Oh Serene Zoltar.

The group, headed by bassist/producer/writer/painter/mastermind Matthew Kirkis are an explosive medley of colour and sound, drawing on influences from free jazz and prog rock through to hip hop, punk, pop and rnb. Deep fried and re-imagined Kirkis pushes todays musical climate through black holes and rainbows. The results as wonderful as a bag of skittles exploding in your microwave.

An associate of the awesome Hiatus Kaiyote, Kirkis is set to bring his jilted blend of psychedelic wizardry to these shores very soon. Until then check out the Liverbleach teaser video below. You can also download his previous album Purple Fruit For X-Ray Vision for free HERE. Keep your eyes peeled and your wigs locked tight.

You’re A Melody – Mix

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sam decided to throw a little get down at plastic people last week in celebration of late 70s soul/jazz and emerging disco sounds. The expert diggers Red Greg & Jeremy Underground Paris joined him in bringing these sweet sounds to the party!

As a big thanks to everyone that came down we decided to post up the recording from the night. And for everyone that couldn’t make it down, there’s a plan to do it again 😉
Big thanks to Red Greg, Jeremy, all the amazing dancers and the EMTs for behaving themselves.

Here’s a new new DL link for “You’re A Melody #1”
You’re A Melody #1

Track list:

0h00’00” (JE) Alex – I Gotta Feel Something
0h07’25” (JE) Daniel Bechet – Astral Dance
0h11’48” (JE) Irene Kral – Wheelers And Dealers
0h14’25” (RG) Gimmicks – Visst Är Du Kär
0h17’13” (RG) Bar-Kays – Angel Eyes
0h20’00” (RG) Keni Burke – Keep On Singing
0h24’32” (JE) Keep digging! 🙂
0h27’33” (JE) Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On
0h31’13” (JE) Monika Linges Quartett – Running
0h34’16” (JE) Esther Satterfield – Love Music
0h36’38” (RG) Michael Orr And The Book Of Life – Spread Love
0h40’23” (RG) Teodo’r – Love Message
0h46’12” (RG) Starvue – Love Affair
0h53’18” (JE) Chocolate Milk – With All Our Love
0h57’46” (FP) Arabi – Times Three
1h01’23” (FP) Brutal Force – Dreams For Sale
1h05’10” (JE) Lalo Schifrin – Middle Of The Night
1h09’10” (JE) The Live Band – A Chance For Hope
1h14’50” (JE) Stylus – Natural Feeling
1h19’13” (FP) Michael Orr, Carey Harris – Here I Go (Through These Changes Again)
1h22’23” (FP) Womack & Womack – MPB (Missin’ Person Bureau) (Paradise Ballroom Mix)
1h31’19” (FP) Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul
1h44’39” (RG) Visions Of Tomorrow – Galaxy
1h48’03” (RG) Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance (Disco Version)
1h52’12” (RG) Betty Padgett – Sugar Daddy
1h55’36” (JE) The Chris Rhodes Band – Gotta New Lease On Love
1h59’19” (JE) Leila Pinheiro – Tudo Em Cima
2h02’15” (JE) Little River Band – Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
2h05’55” (JE) Lucy Stone – Giving Love Instead Of Gold
2h09’34” (FP) Leroy Hutson – I Think I’m Falling In Love
2h13’26” (FP) Keep digging! 🙂
2h17’38” (FP) Pure Funk – Nothing Left Is Real
2h20’37” (RG) Keep digging! 🙂
2h23’30” (RG) Le Cop – Law Order & Peace
2h26’16” (RG) Keep digging! 🙂
2h29’50” (JE) William Bostic – What You Do To Me
2h32’58” (JE) Rare Function – Disco Function
2h37’17” (JE) Deep Heat – Do It Again
2h40’36” (JE) Tasha Thomas – Stay With Me (Disco)
2h46’54” (JE) Martin L. Dumas Jr. – Attitude, Belief & Determination
2h56’36” (FP) Gloria Ann Taylor – Love Is A Hurting Thing
3h03’58” (FP) Carl Hall – What About You
3h06’56” (FP) Cindy Rodriguez – What You Need Is My Love
3h14’34” (RG) Billy Cole – Bump All Night
3h18’15” (JE) Greg Henderson – Dreamin
3h25’24” (FP) Taxie – Rock Don’t Stop
3h28’36” (RG) Aged In Harmony – You’re A Melody
3h32’59” (JE) Captain Sky – Moonchild
3h39’29” (FP) Solid Gold Revue – Love’s Traffic
3h43’20” (RG) Mayors Committee – Take Off Your Shoes

Floating Points Mix

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wow, what an evening. Thank you to everyone that came out to the eglo 4th birthday jam down at the Jazz Cafe. Pics & a short video coming soon!

Peter Hadar & Strange U all performed enchanting sets, with the eglo first lady Fatima previewing a host of new material from her forthcoming debut album.

The biggest thanks goes to everyone out there for the continued support! As a small token of our appreciation, FP has thrown together this mix of the 45s that he was spinning throughout the evening in between sets.

Wishing everyone a beautiful summer!

Love, Eglo

Stream or download here:

Summer13at45 << Right click & Save As..

Alternative Links:

Heres a track list too:

Rinse FM: Alexander Nut ft IG Culture

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alexander was joined by long time inspiration and musical hero IG Culture. The pair discuss IG’s history and upcoming projects alongside him dropping a strictly vinyl old school set. Dope selection, not one to miss!

Click the link below to download:

Check out Alexander Nut on Rinse FM every Saturday at the new time of 2-4 pm

Rinse FM: Alexander Nut ft Scratcha DVA & guests

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alex was joined by Rinse FM associate and Hyperdub signee Scratcha DVA to celebrate the release of his new album Pretty/Ugly. Live studio performance come courtesy of Natalie Maddix, Corniela and our very own Fatima.

Download the show by clicking the link below.

Check out Alexander Nut on Rinse FM every Saturday at the new time of 2-4pm

Rinse FM: Alexander Nut with Dez Andres (Mahogani/La vida)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alex was joined by Eglo’s 3rd Bday guest Dez Andres for an incredible guest mix and interview into his history and forthcoming projects.

Click the image below to download the show.

Tune into Alexander Nut on Rinse FM every Saturday at the new time of 2-4pm (GMT)

Floating Points In Brazil

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last week, FP did a special 1 hr selection of some of his fave Brazilian records on Rinse FM, followed by some other new & old music…(including some forthcoming stuff on eglo)

check it here:

FP in Brazil

Funkineven & Fatima ‘Yellow Sounds’ – FREE DOWNLOAD

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ahead of their forthcoming joint EP which is currently being finished check out the free download of ‘Yellow Sound’


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